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Radically Different!

SnuddleCare introduces a groundbreaking concept in employee benefits, designed to not only retain employees but also boost their productivity. The frustration of paying substantial amounts for health insurance, only to burden employees with co-pays, large deductibles, and restricted doctor availability during conventional hours, is a well-known issue. Moreover, SnuddleCare extends its healthcare benefits to part-time employees, enhancing your existing benefits package without diminishing it.

Flat monthly per-employee fee

With a straightforward, flat monthly fee, SnuddleCare simplifies healthcare for employees and their dependents. This model provides a transparent, predictable cost for businesses, ensuring that all enrolled employees enjoy unfettered access to necessary primary care services without worrying about copays or hidden charges.

Simple, cost-effective, convenient benefits

Offering your employees and their dependents unlimited access to primary care services 7 days a week, SnuddleCare prioritizes convenience and adaptability. Our service operates beyond the typical 9-5, ensuring healthcare is accessible when it’s most needed, not just when it’s most convenient for providers.

Simplicity, because why make it harder than it should be?

Our process is designed with simplicity in mind. Every month, we issue each employee an authorization code for them and their dependents to access our services, free of additional fees. We then invoice your company for the month. You provide us with an updated list of covered employees, and we manage the rest, including issuing new codes to new employees and discontinuing access for those who leave. Should an employee misplace their access code, they can easily retrieve it from our website, reducing the workload on your human resources or benefits department.

SnuddleCare is revolutionizing the way companies offer healthcare benefits to their employees.

By addressing the common pain points of traditional health insurance—such as high costs, limited access, and complex coverage terms—SnuddleCare presents a radically different, simple, and cost-effective solution. Our service ensures that both full-time and part-time employees have convenient access to primary care services, 7 days a week, without the hassle of copays or deductibles. The flat monthly fee and straightforward enrollment process underscore our commitment to simplicity and transparency.

Don't let outdated healthcare benefits hold your company back.

Join the growing number of businesses that are enhancing their employee benefits package with SnuddleCare. Experience the difference in employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity when healthcare is made accessible, affordable, and simple. To learn more about how SnuddleCare can benefit your organization, schedule a demo or contact our sales team today at Let us help you make healthcare benefits a tool for success, not a source of stress.